Effluent Reclaim and Recovery System

Vehicle Wash Reclaim Water

Increasing pressures on water resources have led to greater water scarcity and a growing demand for cost effective alternative water for vehicle washes. Onsite non-potable water reuse is one solution that can help Vehicle Wash Segment reclaim, recycle, and then reuse water for non-drinking water purposes. Onsite effluent recovery and reclaim system (ERRS) capture and treat water sources generated from within the vehicle wash unit, the water treated using Hydrodynamic Cavitation and Advanced Micro Filtration and polishing filtration is then reused onsite to, wash, rinse and create low-cost spot free rinse.

Vortex CHC, LLC is taking 25 years of non-chemical, process water treatment to focus on bringing new low capital and low Op-Ex treatment systems for the vehicle wash segment. These systems use state-of-the-art Hydrodynamic Cavitation combined with high flow TIGHT Backwashing Media and auto backwashing filtration to change how vehicle wash centers use and control the cost of water while positively impacting the environment.

Take control of your wash center water usage today!

E.R.R.S. Dual Pump System Rendering