Welcome to Vortex CHC, thank you for considering Non-Chemical Water Treatment for your process, cooling, or effluent water treatment.

Vortex CHC,” Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation” is a Non-Chemical or Mechanical water treatment system. Our technology consists of a process loop where process or effluent water streams pass through a pair of horizontally opposed vortices and are accelerated to a very high velocity at discharge. At the point of discharge, the two opposing water streams (whose internal rotation is opposite from one another) collide, creating hydrodynamic cavitation or microjets with high shear force, and vacuum.

This sudden lowering of pressure into a vacuum state forces the release of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) from the water. This release of CO2 in turn, causes calcium carbonate to immediately drop out of solution into suspension where it is removed by filtration. Unlike other reduced chemical technologies, CHC is relatively impervious to alkaline or acidic source water, high or low pH, hardness, TSS or TDS, all of which are parameters that may cause other forms of mechanical water treatment less dependable. Additionally, CHC’s System is easy for operational personnel to check the system for proper operation, it can be both remotely monitored or monitored on-site by personnel with visible PLC prompts and gauges.

Over the past 25 years Vortex CHC has installed thousands of CHC Systems worldwide, holds a number of worldwide patents with thousands of cooling loops, process coolers, HVAC open and closed loops, grey water effluent, well feeds and a host of water streams both potable and non-potable.

Gregg S. Montgomery
Vortex CHC, LLC