Water Conservation

Vortex CHC customers around the globe have saved billions of gallons of water

Vortex CHC saves water by:

  • Increasing Cycles of Concentration

  • Supplying Chemical-Free Blowdown Reuse

Cycles of concentration refers to the number of times water can be recirculated through a system before reaching a mineral concentration requiring blowdown. Vortex CHC differs from traditional chemical treatment by physically removing scale-forming minerals from the water. By removing scale, cooling water can be circulated more often than with traditional chemistry.

On average Vortex CHC customers see a 20% reduction in their makeup water consumption, and blowdown savings of 50%

Blowdown from Vortex CHC is not contaminated with hazardous chemicals.  Therefore the blowdown can be reused for a variety of non-potable applications such as irrigation, equipment washing, lavatory flushing, and dust suppression.  This effectively reduces the total freshwater requirements of a facility by 100% of the reused blowdown volume.