Environmental Impact

Vortex CHC provides excellent water treatment without the need for hazardous chemicals

Traditional chemical water treatment programs include film-forming corrosion inhibitors, dispersants to prevent calcite or hard scale from forming on heat transfer surfaces, and biocides used to eradicate microbiological organisms. Besides the health & safety risk inherent with handling hazardous materials, the manufacturing, shipment and disposal of these chemicals has a significant environmental cost.
Chemically treated blowdown is required to be disposed of in sanitary sewer systems and processed by our local water treatment plants. However, the large quantities of biocides and other chemicals can harm the bacteria used in many waste water treatment facilities.

Vortex CHC eliminates the need for the wasteful and potentially dangerous chemical supply chain while freeing up significant capacity in our wastewater treatment facilities. It's a win-win-win for our customer's pocketbooks, our communities and the environment.