Energy Efficiency

How energy efficient is your cooling system?

The harmful effects of scale and biofouling on cooling systems are well documented.  A very small amount of fouling dramatically decreases efficiency, and significantly increases operating costs.

Properly controlling scale, dirt, debris, and microbiological contamination is key to maximize energy efficiency.

Effective chemical treatment is complex, requiring constant attention to balance chemical selection and dosage with ever-changing makeup water and cooling system load. While chemical treatment can be effective when properly managed, too often chemical providers are unable to adjust their treatment program to effectively respond to these dynamic conditions. The result: systems that are either chemically overtreated (reducing equipment life) or scaled and fouled (increasing energy consumption).

In addition, dirt and debris ingested by the open loop cooling system dramatically increases system fouling and further reduces energy efficiency.

The Vortex CHC Solution

The Vortex CHC solution is simple; it mechanically forces scaling minerals out of solution, it destroys microbiological organisms and elevates pH to a non-corrosive level all in one step. The integrated control and filtering system provides cooling tower water that is "swimming pool" fresh so as to ensure maximum heat transfer and energy efficiency for your system.