CHC-Insight Remote Monitoring and Control System

Vortex CHC-Insight system provides wireless remote monitoring and control for Vortex CHC cooling water treatment solutions. The web-based Insight system automatically and instantly provides operational feedback and alerts when parameters change or service may be required. Building operations and refrigeration managers can now rest assured that their water treatment systems are being continually monitored and operating at peak performance.

CHC-Insight’s GSM cell phone modem provides world-wide coverage and interfaces with Vortex CHC' programmable logic controller which automates the system’s operation while continually monitoring performance. Communication to and from the RMS is encrypted. Multiple access levels assure only authorized users can perform monitoring or tasks within the system.
System data is made available via a secure web portal enabling users to view current and historical system performance anytime and from anywhere. If an alarm condition occurs, Insight alerts Vortex CHC personnel who acknowledge the alarm, verify the issue and insure timely resolution. Many issues can be diagnosed and repaired remotely without intervention by the customer’s on-site team.