Cavitation Basics

Cavitation is the dynamic formation and collapse of micro bubbles in a fluid.  The bubbles collapse through a violent process, creating an acoustic shockwave, visible light, and forcing a shift in the chemical equilibrium of calcium bicarbonate. At the point of total collapse, the temperature of the vapor within the bubble may be several thousand degrees Fahrenheit, and the pressure several hundred atmospheres, releasing enough energy to destroy bacteria.
Collapsing bubbles create a micro-jet.  When in contact with a surface this micro-jet can cause significant damage.
Vortex CHC achieves Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation by forcing water through a pair of patented horizontally opposed nozzles.  This harnesses the energy of the cavitation process and directs it into the water stream as opposed to material surfaces.  It is this controlled energy that is the heart of the Vortex CHC solution for scale, fouling and corrosion control.