Our Solution

The Vortex CHC solution can help your facility:

- Reduce Water Consumption
- Protect Cooling Equipment Assets from Corrosion/Chemical Overtreatment
- Improve System Energy Efficiency
- Stabilize Operations
- Manage Debris in the Cooling System
- Improve Worker Safety
- Eliminate Chemical Usage


This chart was developed to estimate the treatment size that may be required. Find your cooling tons and then the corresponding system volume to estimate the size of the required CHC treatment.
Vortex CHC is the leading supplier of Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation (CHC) treatment systems for cooling water used in HVAC, Process Cooling, and Refrigeration systems. Combining CHC treatment with filtration and process controls improves operations and protects your evaporative cooling system while also reducing water and electrical consumption, and providing a lower cost-to-treat.

An Vortex CHC system consists of two side-stream water loops connected into the sump or basin of a cooling tower, evaporative condenser, air washer, or fluid cooler. In one loop, water is passed through the CHC treatment chamber and returned into the cooling system basin or sump. Filtration from the second side-stream removes precipitated calcium carbonate along with other debris that can cause fouling and contribute to microbiological growth. Our high-efficiency basin sweeping system directs dirt and debris toward the filter intake, maintaining a cleaner cooling water system.