Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Vortex CHC technology and product offering.  If you have a question that does not appear in the list, please CONTACT US and we'll be glad to answer.

Q: I’ve heard non-chemical systems don’t work. How is Vortex CHC different?

The Vortex CHC technology is completely different from magnets, electromagnetic, or electrochemical systems.  Our patented Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation technology physically removes calcium carbonate (scale) from the water, kills bacteria, and elevates pH to minimize corrosion.

Q: Can Vortex CHC treat very hard water?

Vortex CHC can treat systems across a wide range of water qualities, and provides excellent scale control in hard water environments.  Our systems are installed across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Q: Is Vortex CHC treatment effective in large AND small systems?

We currently treat systems from 200 to 15,000 Tons.  The recent introduction of the Vortex CHC ‘Mini’ provides an economical and reliable solution for systems down to 20 Tons.

Q: Why does the Vortex CHC solution include filtration?

Vortex Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation technology precipitates scale before it reaches heat transfer surfaces.  Our filtration system removes this scale from the cooling water.  Physically removing scale allows towers to operate at higher cycles of concentration, which saves water.

Filtration also removes dirt and debris that collects in open cooling systems.  Clean systems run more efficiently and consume significantly less energy.  Sediment deposits can often result in Microbiologically-Induced Corrosion (MIC) as anaerobic bacteria can corrode tower metals causing leaks, loss of water and the additional biological fouling.

Q: How clean should my cooling water be?

Fouling from dirt and debris is a significant contributor to inefficient cooling system operations and unnecessary maintenance costs.  Your cooling water should be as clear as a swimming pool.  Vortex CHC provides this level of clarity.

Q: How does the Vortex CHC filtration offering compare to other filters currently available?

The remarkable cleanliness of a Vortex CHC-treated system is due to our superior filter offering.  Vortex CHC combines industry-leading centrifugal separation with a stainless-steel mesh screen to filter both heavier and lighter-than-water particles.  Our filtration solution also uses self-cleaning filters to eliminate the need to change media, bags or cartridges.

Vortex CHC is focused on water conservation.  While other solutions sometimes require virgin water for filter backwashing; our systems are engineered to utilize blowdown water only for this purpose.

Our filter systems also include a proprietary intake manifold and sweeper system, which directs dirt and debris away from process intakes and toward filter suction.

Q: Can I reuse my blowdown for other purposes?

Yes.  Vortex CHC does not rely on chemicals to provide excellent water treatment.  Because the blowdown from a Vortex CHC-treated system is chemical free, it may be re-used for a number of non-potable applications pending local regulation.  Vortex CHC customers use blowdown for irrigation, green roofs, landscape ponds, or simply discharge to storm drains to avoid sewer charges.

Q: Can Vortex CHC control bacteria/Legionella?

Vortex CHC does an excellent job of controlling bacteria, including Legionella.  Vortex CHC is the only non-chemical technology that is compliant with the United Kingdom’s L-8 Legionella standard, which is widely considered to be the most stringent in the world.  If a system has "dead" areas where water flow is stagnant, Vortex CHC can also include a Copper/Silver ionizer when necessary.