Food & Beverage Case Studies

Vortex CHC can show you how to enhance your food and beverage facilities by providing a safe and efficient way to treat your cooling towers waters without chemicals.

Please read the case studies on how Vortex CHC can support Food and Beverage customers below.

Spoetzl Brewery

The brewery operates a refrigeration system with anhydrous ammonia as the primary coolant. The recompressed ammonia is being cooled down in three evaporative condensers with a total cooling capacity of 1,500 tons. During chemical treatment, cycles of concentration were 2–2.5 during the summer months and below 2 for the rest of the year, resulting in an average of around 2. Despite these efforts, significant calcium carbonate deposit accumulated around the condenser tubes and inside the condensers.

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A producer of orange juice was building new (15,000 ton) “State of the art” refrigerated warehouse and wanted all aspects to be “best available technology”. They had concerns on water usage, environmental impact, worker safety, and wanted the lowest overall operating cost from their water management program. The selection committee was open to any technology that had a proven track record and met their requirements.

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