Light Manufacturing

A manufacturing facility had a water-cooled system used to moderate climate in the plant. While keeping cycles of concentration low (2.3 CoC) scale often formed during the peak cooling season (May to September). Chiller tubes and tower distribution decks needed to be cleaned annually. Chemical treatment costs were high and the facility was under pressure to reduce water usage and cooling tower discharge volume.

A CHC system was installed and cycles of concentration were soon raised to 6.1. The customer was concerned with the higher cycles and closely monitored the system for scale, corrosion, and bacteria.

The chiller was then inspected after ten months of CHC treatment. Upon inspection the scale issue had been eliminated, and the customer stated they “had never seen a chiller this clean on chemicals.” Bacteria counts were also lower than during chemical treatment.

Makeup consumption has been reduced by over 30% and blow down discharge was reduced over 70%. Annual water savings exceed 4 million gallons and $63,000 per year.