A military base operates a centrifugal chiller, and the cooling water system includes a 200 Ton composite cooling tower with a total water volume of 1,800 gallons. Bacteria control was inconsistent and a maintenance worker had developed skin sensitivity to a biocide. The maintenance department wanted to eliminate chemical handling and chemicals in blow down.

A CHC 20-GPM unit and automatic backwashing filter were installed on the cooling system in January 2004.

Significant improvement in water quality was noticed within two weeks. Bacteria counts averaged less than 4,000 CFU/ml, well below the control limit of 10,000 CFU/ml. Corrosion rates were less than 2.4 mpy on mild steel and less than 0.16 mpy on copper, which is categorized "Good" to "Very Good" as referenced by the Cooling Technology Institute's quantitative classification of corrosion rates for open systems.

Cycles of concentration increased from 2.8 to 6.8 with CHC treatment. Annual water savings for the customer now exceed 565,000 gallons. The customer has reduced blow down by over 60%.