Food & Beverage

A brewery operates a refrigeration system with anhydrous ammonia as the primary coolant. Using traditional chemical treatment, the customer was only able to achieve average cycles of concentration of 2.3 and significant scale deposits accumulated around the condenser tubes and inside the condensers.

After installing a 60-GPM CHC system with filtration in August 2001, cycles of concentration increased to 6.8 and the scale was removed from the system. Total bacteria counts now average less than 2,500 CFU/ml, well below the control limit of 10,000 CFU/ml. Coupon tests show corrosion rates less than 2.5 mpy for galvanized steel and carbon steel and less than 0.25 mpy for copper alloy, which is categorized "Good" to "Very Good" as referenced by the Cooling Technology Institute's quantitative classification of corrosion rates for open systems.

Blow down has been reduced by 80%. Annual water savings are over 4.5 million gallons. The customer has also been praised by the community for environmental stewardship.